RFK MUST DIE reviews
Eschewing sensationalism, the film is a convincing, serious look at all the evidence. FILM REVIEW ****
O’Sullivan painstakingly builds an utterly convincing case, witness by witness, for the conspiracy theory... 
By the end of this provocative film, you are sure something was covered up - but why and by whom is less certain - Derek Malcolm, EVENING STANDARD ***
The outlandish theory that Sirhan...was a real-life Manchurian Candidate, programmed by the CIA... gains traction thrillingly as O'Sullivan unearths old witnesses...and identifies shady CIA operatives at the scene of the 1968 shooting. Or does he? THE GUARDIAN ***
'RFK Must Die’ revives visions of a brighter, bolder, better America...Skilfully framed, Mr. O'Sullivan's drive to find answers is admirable...Whether or not he inspires enough curiosity to officially reopen the case, Mr. O'Sullivan knows how to spin a yarn, even if it's one that many people will not want to hear. NEW YORK SUN
Building up his case with detached clarity, O’Sullivan marshals his evidence with a forensic eye for detail and the deductive analysis of a good sleuth. It’s gripping. SIGHT AND SOUND
Dizzyingly informative conspiracy movie... provides abundant evidence questioning whether Sirhan was acting alone or...just another patsy...in this meticulously detailed examination of that fateful night. TIME OUT
An interesting look into the tragic death of  a beloved figure [that] also succeeds as a thought-provoking thriller... INDEPENDENT FILM QUARTERLY
An exhaustive investigation into the death of one of America’s most beloved politicians...always provocative and often disturbing... Variety critic EMANUEL LEVY
A conspiracy-query doc, exploring several of the inconsistencies in the official account...without stating an alternative outright. The case’s most compelling unresolved element is Sirhan himself, an assassin who insists 40 years later that he remembers nothing of the event. VILLAGE VOICE